Campaign Finance Reports

All filers registered with OCPF can file their periodic campaign finance reports and late contribution reports online using Reporter 6. File Online

Reporter 5 & Web Reporter

OCPF has announced an End-of-Life date of April 10, 2015 for Reporter 5 and Web Reporter, OCPF's electronic filing applications.

Please use Reporter 6 (see left) for your e-filing needs.

Ballot Question Spending CPF22 or 22A Reports

CPF 22 ballot question spending reports are filed by individuals, for-profit business corporations, associations and organizations. CPF 22A reports are filed by the treasurers of cities, towns, or other governmental units.
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Independent Expenditures CPF 18A Reports

Reports of independent expenditure activity can be filed online. To begin, select your filer type:

What is an "Independent Expenditure"?

Electioneering Communications
CPF 18F Reports

Individuals, groups and organizations can file their reports of electioneering activity online.

What is an "Electioneering Communication"? File Online

Report Log

View a listing of the most recently filed reports, in descending order by filing date.


IE PAC Independent Expenditures

View independent expenditure reports filed by IE PACs. The reports are grouped by year and can be filtered by filer, candidate, or date.

Electioneering Communications

View reports of electioneering communications filed by individuals, groups and associations. The reports are grouped by year and can be filtered by filer, candidate or date.

Independent Expenditures

View reports of independent expenditures filed by individuals, groups, associations, corporations, labor unions, political committees or other entities. The reports are grouped by year and can be filtered by filer, candidate or date.

Special Elections

View the reports filed by candidates in special elections, grouped by seat.

Legislative Races

View reports filed by legislative candidates, grouped by seat, from 2002 to the present.

PACs and People's Committees

View report filed by political action committees, grouped by year from 2002 to the present.

Ballot Questions

View ballot question committee reports, grouped by ballot question.

Donations Segregated Funds

View reports filed by candidates with recount, legal defense or inaugural fund accounts.

Charts & Graphs (Beta)

Visualize our campaign finance data using maps and charts.


Search Contributions and Expenditures

Search all itemized contributions and expenditures for all registered filers.


Download Data

Download our entire electronic report database, account type listings, filer listings or district code listings.

Filer Reports

Browse filer reports and data.


Registered Filers

Browse a listing of all candidates and committees registered with OCPF to view reports, report data or contact information.

Filing Schedules

View a listing of the campaign finance report filing schedules for all candidates and committees.

Recently Organized

View a listing of newly organized candidates and committees, with links to their organizational documents.

Who Are My Elected Officials?

Visit pages set up for each municipality that reports with OCPF to view the elected officials for that city, their campaign finance reports and other helpful links. Go

Download Filer Lists

Download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a tab-delimited text file of all filers who register with OCPF.

Statewide Office

Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Secretary, State Treasurer or State Auditor.


The General Court

Seats in the State Senate and State House.


State Political Action Committees (PACs)

Committees that raise and spend money to support or oppose one or more statewide, legislative, district & county, mayoral or some city council candidates, based upon stated principles or interests. These PACs organize and file periodic reports with OCPF.


Depository Municipal Office

Mayor or City Councilor in Boston, Brockton, Cambridge, Fall River, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, New Bedford, Newton, Quincy, Somerville, Springfield and Worcester.


Non-Depository Municipal Office

Mayor in Cities with a population up to 75,000.


The Governor's Council

One of the eight district seats of the Executive Council.


County and District Offices

County Clerks of Court, Commissioners & Treasurers; Registers of Deeds & Probate; District Attorneys; Sheriffs and Suffolk County Clerks of Superior & Supreme Judicial Courts.


Segregated Fund Accounts

Legal defense, recount or inaugural funds.


Independent Expenditure PAC

A political action committee that only receives donations to make independent expenditures, and only makes independent expenditures.


State Ballot Question Committee

For questions appearing on the ballot of the next state election.


Municipal Ballot Question Committee

For questions appearing on the ballot of a city or town election.


Local Political Party Committee

Ward, Town or City Committees of a State Political Party.


Local Political Action Committees

PACs concerned only with candidates in a specific city or town. These PACs organize and file periodic reports with their local election officials.


Local Offices

All other municipal offices with reporting requirements to local election officials.


Agawam, Amesbury, Attleboro, Beverly, Braintree, Chicopee, Easthampton, Everett, Fitchburg, Gardner, Gloucester, Greenfield, Haverhill, Holyoke, Leominster, Malden, Marlboro, Medford, Melrose, Methuen, Newburyport, North Adams, Northampton, Peabody, Pittsfield, Revere, Salem, Taunton, Waltham, West Springfield, Westfield, Weymouth and Woburn.