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Sumbul Siddiqui (16556)
Filing Bank:
East Cambridge Savings Bank
Filed On:
Friday, June 16, 2017
Committee Name:
Siddiqui Committee
Beginning Balance:
Total Receipts this period:
Total Expenditures this period:
Ending Balance*:
Date Name/Address Occupation/Employer Other Amount
Filer-Reported Itemized Total:
Filer-Reported Un-itemized Total:
Filer-Reported Total Receipts:
Bank-Reported Receipt Total:
6/5/2017 Blier, Suzanne
5 Fuller Cambridge, MA 02138

6/15/2017 Buel, Jacey
16 Walden Street #2 Cambridge, MA 02138
Vice President
The Possible Project

6/5/2017 Chu, Katrina (and Lee, Wei-ching, and Peiching)
202 Cambridge, MA 02139
Resident Physician

Credit Card
6/13/2017 Ewing, Tess
104 Auburn St Cambridge, MA 02139
Retired From Umass Boston

Credit Card
6/12/2017 Fried, Jason
303 W Ohio St Chicago, IL 60654
Kirkland & Ellis Llp

Credit Card
6/15/2017 Haroz, Michael
186 Fayerweather Street Cambridge, MA 02138
Goulston & Storrs

6/9/2017 Kanter, Martha
342 Ruby St Clarendon Hills, IL 60514
Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

Credit Card
6/15/2017 Krushnic, Richard
20 Oak Street Cambridge, MA 02138

6/2/2017 Labandibar, Susan
8 Brewer St, Apt 6 Cambridge, MA 02138
It Services
Tech Networks of Boston

Credit Card
6/13/2017 Novak, Kathleen
26 Sedgwick St Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Credit Card
6/7/2017 Riker, Elizabeth
57 Ellery St, Apt 6 Cambridge, MA 02138
New Profit Inc

Credit Card
6/15/2017 Rugel, Amy
1010 Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA 02138
Retired Teacher
Boston Public Schools

6/4/2017 Wincewicz, Keega
130 Harvard Ave E, Apt 510 Seattle, WA 98102

Credit Card
Date Name/Address Purpose Amount
Itemized Total:
Un-itemized Total:
Total (All):
6/12/2017 Atwoods Tavern
Campaign Food (Campaign Kick Off Event) $600.00
6/2/2017 External Withdrawal BankCard
(Monthly Credit Card Fees) $335.25
6/6/2017 POS Withdrawal-FaceBk
(Ads) $5.29
6/6/2017 POS Withdrawal-Int*In*Ngp Van
(Monthly Merchant Fee) $150.00
6/12/2017 POS Withdrawal-JetBlue
(Flights For Chicago Northwestern Law Fundraiser) $131.20
6/12/2017 POS Withdrawal-SquareSpace Inc
(Website Fee) $16.00
6/5/2017 POS Withdrawal-Trader Joe's
(Kitchen Cabinet Meeting (food For Volunteers)) $16.45
6/12/2017 POS Withdrawal-Trader Joe's
(Kitchen Cabinet Meeting (food For Volunteers)) $17.25
6/12/2017 Theodore Skeadas
Campaign Management (Campaign Manager) $1,569.00
Date Name/Address Occupation/Employer Description Amount
Itemized Total:
Un-itemized Total:
Total (All):
Date Name Type Description Amount
Total Liabilities:
Date Description Recipient Name/Address Manner Disposed Amount
Date Transaction Type Amount
Total (All):
Date Name/Address Type/Purpose Amount
Itemized Total:
Un-itemized Total:
Total (All):
Date Reimbursee/Address Purpose Amount
Date Range Account/Address Purpose Amount
Date Vendor/Address Purpose Amount
Date Vendor Purpose Itemized Total
Date Sub-Vendor Purpose Amount