Phone / Fax

  • Main Line: (617) 979-8300
  • Toll-Free in MA: (800) 462-OCPF
  • Fax Line: (617) 727-6549


John W. McCormack Building
One Ashburton Place, Room 411
Boston, MA 02108

Public Records Requests

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Regular hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., in office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, by appointment Monday and Friday.

Staff Directory

Name Title 617-979-
Email Department Audit Assignment (Candidates: First letter of surname)
Contact your auditor by e-mail.
William C. Campbell Director 8300 William.Campbell Administration  
Anthony Langone Chief of Staff 8323 Anthony.Langone Administration  
Margaret Muise Chief Financial Officer 8306 Margaret.Muise Administration  
Sarah Hartry General Counsel 8307 Sarah.Hartry Legal  
Maura Cronin Deputy General Counsel 8320 Maura.Cronin Legal  
Evert Fowle Legal Counsel 8304 Evert.N.Fowle Legal  
Michael Joyce Financial Investigator & Public Finance Administrator 8314 Michael.Joyce Legal / Audit All IEPACs
Ballot Question Committees
Municipal Committees
Shane Slater Director of Auditing 8312 Shane.Slater Audit
Anne Bourque Senior Auditor 8308 Anne.Bourque Audit T-Z
PACs: 80000-80650
State Party Committees: Democratic, Libertarian, Republican
Sheila Cole Auditor 8301 Sheila.Cole Audit Local Party Committees
Caroline Paras Auditor 8305 Caroline.Paras Administration / Audit A-C
PACs: 80900-89999
Dan Juffre Deputy Director of Audting 8321 Daniel.Juffre Audit D-I
Chloe Rosette Auditor 8313 Chloe.Rosette Audit O-S
PACs: 80651-80899
McKayla Steineke Auditor 8324 McKayla.Steineke Audit J-N
Albert Grimes Chief Information Officer 8319 Albert.Grimes Communications & Technology  
Xiaoyi An Web Developer 8311 Xiaoyi.An Communications & Technology
Gabriella Mingozzi IT Support Engineer 8310 Gabriella.Mingozzi Communications & Technology
Jason Tait Director of Communications
& Public Education
8309 Jason.Tait Communications & Technology  

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