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Christine M. Canning (16432)
Filed On:
Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Reporting Period:
7/1/2017 - 9/22/2017
Office Sought:
House 1st Berkshire
Residential Address:
12 Noppet Rd Lanesborough MA 01237
Committee Name:
Canning Committee
Treasurer Name:
David Bubriski
Committee Address:
31 Eric Drive Pittsfield MA 01201
Beginning Balance:
Total Receipts this period:
Total Expenditures this period:
Ending Balance:

Total Inkind Contributions:
Total Outstanding Liabilities:
Name of Bank Used:
Date Name/Address Type Occupation/Employer Other Amount
Itemized Total:
Un-itemized Total:
Total (All):
7/18/2017 Burton, Neal
One Pheasant Way Pittsfield, MA 01201
Individual Accountant
Financial Accounting Services, Inc.

7/18/2017 Mickel, Kathy
Baldwin Dr Dalton, MA 01226
Individual Dymark Security
Self Employed

Date Name/Address Type Purpose Amount
Itemized Total:
Un-itemized Total:
Total (All):
7/20/2017 Jae Chung
Alpine Drivr Pittsfield, MA 01201
Expenditure Office Rent $400.00
Date Name/Address Type Occupation/Employer Description Amount
Itemized Total:
Un-itemized Total:
Total (All):
Date Name Type Description Amount
Total Liabilities:
Canning, Christine M.
6/30/2017 Canning, Christine M.
Pre-existing Liability $71.89
Date Description Recipient Name/Address Manner Disposed Amount
Date Transaction Type Amount
Total (All):
Date Name/Address Type/Purpose Amount
Itemized Total:
Un-itemized Total:
Total (All):
Date Reimbursee/Address Purpose Amount
Date Range Account/Address Purpose Amount
Date Vendor/Address Purpose Amount
Date Vendor Purpose Itemized Total
Date Sub-Vendor Purpose Amount
Date Vendor Sub-Vendor/Address Purpose Payment to Subvendor