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Ballantyne, Katjana (16002)
Filing Bank:
Winter Hill Bank
Filed On:
Monday, May 2, 2022
Reporting Period:
4/1/2022 - 4/30/2022
Beginning Balance:
Total Receipts this period:
Total Expenditures this period:
Checking Ending Balance:
Savings Balance as of 4/30/2022:
Cash On Hand as of 4/30/2022:
Date Name/Address Type Occupation / Employer Other Amount
Itemized Total:
Unitemized Total:
Total Receipts for the period:
Merchant Provider Fee Total:
Filer-Reported Net Receipt Total:
Bank-Reported Receipt Total:
4/1/2022 Esteban, Rachel
136 Cypress Street Watertown, MA 02472
Individual Operations specialist
Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Credit Card
4/1/2022 Makemson, Nicolai
28 Rossmore St 2 Somerville, MA 02143
Individual Project Manager
Beacon Architectural

Credit Card
Date Name/Address Type Purpose Amount
Total Expenditures this Period:
4/12/2022 Daniel Kimmel
Bank-Reported (website writing / marketing)
4/27/2022 Gerald Sullivan
Bank-Reported (Treasurer consulting fees)
4/4/2022 MailChimp
Bank-Reported Debit Card (email communication subscription)
Bank-Reported Debit Card (food and drinks for volunteers at fundraiser event)
4/14/2022 ZOOM.US
Bank-Reported Debit Card (video conferencing subscription)
Date Name/Address Type Purpose Amount
Merchant Provider Fee Total:
4/1/2022 Actblue
Merchant Fee Processing Fee $2.97